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Introducing Your Pet's New Favorite Groomer!

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Meet Christina!

Through her experience with Barlee, and other dogs like him, Christina has been inspired to create a low-stress grooming environment where comfort care are held at the utmost importance. She believes that all dogs deserve a gentle approach to their grooming needs. Christina has been providing just that to every dog on her table since 2011 and is your choice if you are seeking one-on-one grooming with care.

Christina's Resume

  • Extensive background in handling cats and dogs

  • Compassionate and has demonstrated strong love for animals

  • Unique understanding of your pet's individual needs

  • Outstanding proficiency with grooming tools

  • Above average knowledge of products and techniques useful in pet grooming

Christina's journey to pet grooming started when she was around four years old. Her parents had separated and she lived mostly with her mother. While temporarily living at her grandfather's house, she gained her first furry friend in her grandfather's dog.

Pookie, a miniature poodle mix, typically preferred his owner's company only. He would snap at most people if given the chance. There was something special about Christina's pets, though, as they were always welcomed with a wagging tail. 

Later on, she would have weekly visits with her father's side of the family. Little Christina's favorite visits were always with her grandmother and her 20 (or so) rescue animals. Her time at her grandma's house was spent befriending cats and cuddling with dogs as much as possible.

After moving to Arizona and away from her extended animal family, Christina begged her mother for a pet of her own, eventually resulting in the family Labrador Retriever, Beau.

Helping to take care of Beau was ultimately the gateway to Christina realizing her passion for caring for pets. She found a major interest in the subject of pet ownership and would read books and watch tv shows on the subject any time she had the chance.

Fast forward to Christina's 18th birthday, the day she was finally old enough to get her fist job working with pets at The Arizona Humane Society. There, she found her niche as an Animal Adoption Counselor where she would educate people about the pets up for adoption to help them find good homes. This experience helped Christina build on her natural affinity toward animals and she learned to handle and interact with pets in a high stress shelter situation.

Christina's most recent animal rescue experience includes her nearly three years spent as a kennel technician at Maricopa Animal Care and Control. For the duration of her time there, she handled and cared for thousands of dogs and cats within the shelter, as well as fostered as many pets as she could in her home.

When Christina left the pet rescue field, she realized another natural talent-

Pet Grooming! 

In 2011, she took an entry level job as a dog bather in a mom-and-pop grooming salon in Surprise, AZ. Before long, it was obvious that Christina was overqualified for the position, and she was offered the opportunity to learn pet grooming. Her background uniquely suited her to groom pets that were rescued including cats, as well as dogs with disabilities, behavioral issues, senior pets, and puppies. Because of this, these were the pets Christina learned to groom. 

Between then and now, Christina has groomed in several settings including her home, small grooming salons, and at a veterinary hospital. She has had extensive hands on experience making her an extremely competent and experienced pet grooming professional.

In May of 2023, Christina finally decided to make the leap to own her own pet grooming business. In this new endeavor, she hopes to harness her unique background and provide you and your pet with the most stress-free experience possible. She strives for the most clean, beautifully groomed, and happy pets possible, and you will agree after you and your pet meet her in person :)

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