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At Barlee's Pet Spa, your pet will be treated like family. Here, your pet's comfort is top priority, and grooming is performed by a skilled professional throughout every step of the grooming process. 

Mini Poodle Barlee relaxing

Bath and Tidy Session

Starting at $30 per hr

Is your dog beautiful and just the right length? Well... Maybe there's a little hair over her eyes and she could use a spa day... Say no more! A Bath and Tidy session is just what the groomer ordered!

Mini Poodle Barlee after his Delux Groom!

Deluxe Grooming Session

Starting at $60 per hr

Your fur baby is always by your side and you both enjoy the finer things. Before mingling with your fellow dog lovers at the neighborhood bark park or hitting your local Starbucks for a Puppuccino, pamper your pooch with the Deluxe Grooming Session!

Brushing the Fur

Complete De-Shed Session

Short hair starting at $40 per hr

Long hair starting at $65 per hr

It's that time again! That brush just isn't putting a dent in the fur your best friend is flinging on the furniture and floor, and your running out of sheets on your lint roller... The Complete De-Shed Session is the ultimate solution to your hairy situation!

Having a Bath

Cat Grooming Session

Cats LOVE to be clean, and grooming comes natural to most kitty companions. However, in some situations, your feline friend may require a helping hand. Barlee's Pet Spa's Cat Grooming Session is customizable for your needs!

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